Piano Removal of Upright Pianos

Why You Should Recycle Your Old Piano

A piano is a special investment that brings music, joy, and education to your home. When cared for, a piano can last generations and become a precious family heirloom. That’s why it’s especially sad when a piano has reached the end of its lifespan. But now that’s it’s just taking up space, it’s time to…

The Piano Removal Company | The Piano Shop Bath

Moving The Impossible Pianos

Our removal team recently completed a job in Bristol that had been deemed impossible by another piano removal company. The job involved lifting an upright piano over a wall and then transporting it up a staircase. Obviously not the easiest job in the world, but impossible? not impossible if you are the Piano Removal Company!…

yamaha piano

Delivering A Yamaha Piano & Busy in Bristol

This week the removals team have been up and down the country and working more locally in the west country. As well as private removal jobs and hire jobs in Bristol the Piano Removal company had a special trip up to Manchester on Wednesday 8th to install a Yamaha U1 for The Piano Shop Bath….

Piano Moving Equipment

Moving House and Moving Piano

Moving house can be quite a busy time and sometimes people overlook the fact that a piano is going to have to get moved in amongst the other household objects. We often get calls from people who are working against a tight deadline to get their piano out of one property and into the next….

The Piano Removals Team in Winchester Cathedral | The Piano Removal Company & The Piano Shop Bath

Moving A Welmar Grand Piano From Devon To Bath

This week the Piano removal company were very happy to help one Bath family to become the proud new caretakers of a beloved family piano. We move pianos for all sorts of reasons but transporting a grand piano down two generations of the same family has to be one of the nicest. The Welmar grand…

All in A Days Work…A tale of Epic Piano Removals

What do you do when your business dictates you need to move thirty pianos over two days? Call the piano removal company of course. What if you are the piano removal company?, well then you just get on with it don’t you?! Staring on Monday 7th of February our very own expert piano movers, Martin…

Piano Removal of Upright Pianos

Moving Pianos

When it comes to moving your piano, it can be tempting to use a standard household removal company. However, moving pianos is a specialist job and we have decades of experience. Moving hundreds of pianos, whether up and down stairs, through tight spaces or within listed buildings, has given us a wealth of hands-on experience,…

16 Piano Removals from Bristol to Bath in One Day

As The Piano Shop Bath prepares to double it’s already-large showroom, we were called upon to move 16 pianos in one day from Bristol to Bath. This was a rather tough job, but our training and skills came into play and we moved uprights, grands and piano accessories from one single level to a multi-storey…