Moving house can be quite a busy time and sometimes people overlook the fact that a piano is going to have to get moved in amongst the other household objects. We often get calls from people who are working against a tight deadline to get their piano out of one property and into the next. We will always help where we can and would much rather receive calls of this nature than the other type which is; ‘my piano has been damaged by the removal men can you help?’, or worse ‘I’ve damaged my piano while trying to move it myself!’

Moving house, whether a short distance or long, is a stressful time and any stress that can be subtracted from the actual moving day itself should be. We would advise our customers to book their piano removal in as early as possible to avoid disappointment. We would also advise against any amateur attempts to move it as just not worth the risk to the piano, or self! Most people think moving a piano must be fairly straightforward until they try to move it, in reality moving a piano is very specific work and takes considerable strength and practice! The piano removal company is out on the road most days, for the simple reason that there is always someone somewhere that needs a piano moved. Probably not something you’ve thought of until you needed it yourself, but thats what we’re here for and we have over twenty years experience moving pianos all over the country. So for your peace of mind and for your piano on moving day, leave it to the piano removal company to get the job done properly.