What do you do when your business dictates you need to move thirty pianos over two days? Call the piano removal company of course. What if you are the piano removal company?, well then you just get on with it don’t you?! Staring on Monday 7th of February our very own expert piano movers, Martin and Jon began the epic task of re organising our Bath piano showrooms so that an extra thirty pianos could be bought into the shop.

They can only fit four pianos into the van at once, so if you do the maths you will soon realise this task represents significant logistical effort on the part of our team. Undeterred, Martin and Jon have been busy moving pianos since the early hours of this morning, only pausing for the odd cup of tea. If anyone can complete this task it is these two, with over twenty years experience between them moving pianos, no job is too big or small for the Piano removal company. Each upright pianos weighs between 300 – 900 pounds so moving an upright piano requires some skill and strength, but moving 30 in a day!? We think that’s nearing superhero status. Hats off to the piano removal company who will have safely installed thirty new pianos into our large piano showroom by the end of today. Now we can offer customers a better range of pianos than ever, so all that effort will be worth it. When I ask Martin how he manages to keep going he smiles, his answer?, tea.