At The Piano Removal Company, we move pianos to a variety of situations. Whether putting them onstage at a festival, into a marquee for a wedding or up two flights of stairs into a flat, we can handle the job through decades of dedicated piano removal experience.

More and more, we’re seeing pianos being put directly into rooms with underfloor heating – something that can play havoc with a piano.

At a recent piano delivery in Bristol, the owners were rightly concerned about the effects that the underfloor heating would have on their new upright piano. It is recommended to keep pianos away from heat sources, such as radiators, but if a flat only has underfloor heating, there is no option to keep it away from direct temperature fluctuations. This can result in issues with tuning and other parts as the humidity levels affect the wood.

Our friends at The Piano Shop Bath provide a solution: underfloor heating mats, or carpets, for upright and grand pianos. These mats are designed with a heat shield that helps to protect the piano from the varying temperatures, plus they provide extra sound proofing and damp resistance.

You can buy underfloor heating mats for upright pianos and grand pianos from The Piano Shop Bath, who deliver nationwide.