Moving Steinway upright and grand pianos can be a little more of a challenge than moving other traditional pianos. With older Steinway upright pianos they often have slightly bowed undersides and weigh considerably more than other piano makes so they can sit quite awkwardly on our piano moving equipment, this is all due to the size and construction of the iron frame which gives it that great stability as an instrument. As with all piano moves, we have the experience to deal with any piano move so if it’s a Steinway or an untuneable older un-named upright piano call us for a quote.

Interesting article below for anyone wishing to purchase a Steinway, however you will have to be quick as the sale starts tomorrow!

STEINWAY & SONS YEAR-END SAVINGS EVENT 24, 25 & 26th January 2013 at Steinway Hall, London

Each year the Steinway & Sons Factory schedules a price increase which reflects the actual increase in the cost of manufacture and materials. This increase is what allows Steinway & Sons to continue building the best piano possible.

Select from the finest piano inventory including:

New Steinway, Boston & Essex pianos and like new showroom models.

• 2012 Steinway Model B 211cm Grand in Ebony Gloss

• 2010 Steinway Model K 132cm Upright in Ebony Gloss

• 1980 Steinway Model M 170cm Grand in Ebony Satin Fully Restored

• 2011 Boston UP 118 Upright in Walnut Gloss

• 2008 Boston GP 163 Grand in Ivory Gloss

• 2009 Essex EGP 173 Grand in Mahogany Gloss

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