Moving Home? Make sure your piano is transported with care!

Most of us will go through the process of moving home during our lives, and there are lots of removal companies to choose from. If you are taking your piano with you to your new home, be sure to use a trusted, piano removal team. Often household removal companies will take on the job of moving pianos, however, this is definitely a specialist task that requires proper training in order to avoid damage to the piano – and the removal people!

Pianos are very valuable items, not always just the actual worth, but many are family heirlooms and need to be handled with care. The Piano Removal Company understands the requirements needed to be able to transport a piano safely. We have all the equipment and knowledge we need to get your piano to it’s new home securely. Whatever size piano you have, upright or grand piano, we have the necessary tools to get it there, safely.

Working as a specialist piano removal company, with decades of experience, we appreciate the beauty of any piano and our staff can sympathise with our customers at how nerve wracking moving a piano can be. However, we will put your nerves at ease and offer a reliable, professional and friendly piano removal service. We will treat your instrument with care and respect at all times.

We can help remove the piano from your current home and ensure it is placed in the correct room of your new home without any hassle. We can offer our piano removal services in the Bath and Bristol area, as well as Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Somerset and beyond; so if you’re looking to move in these areas, be sure to get in touch to see how we can help get your piano to it’s new location safely. We are also happy to move longer distances across the country.

Contact Piano Removal Company today on 01225 458 540 for a quote and to find out more about how we can safely and professionally transport your piano.