Unwanted Piano disposal and removal

Piano removal and disposal is now a big subject. Following on from our article in the Telegraph paper on Sunday we were asked to speak to the presenter of a BBC Three Counties Radio programme to provide our opinion on just why so many old pianos are now being disposed of?

It`s an easy question to answer, a lot of these old pianos are becoming increasingly difficult to play with issues like sticking notes, not holding tuning pitch and most of these older upright and grand pianos were made circa 1920`s for the mass market and not necessarily meant to last for more than 100 years!

Modern pianos

Now we have very affordable new upright pianos for sale from £1895 & new Kawai digital pianos from £599, so it is not just the more youthful end of the spectrum that is keeping piano playing alive. Adult beginners regularly come into our sister company, The piano showroom in Bath (www.thepianoshopbath.co.uk) wanting to know how to get started on the piano. There is perhaps a greater passion for the music in later years and learning can be more enjoyable, no longer just a case of endless scales and arpeggios!

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